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Mission Statement
To provide fire protection, prevention, education and safety in the most cost
effective manner to all residents, properties and businesses of South
Brunswick Fire District #3.
We have two fire districts because our taxing authority extends over two county lines.  South Brunswick is in
Middlesex County, while Franklin is in Somerset County.  In order to provide the most effective coverage to
the citizens living in this area, the two fire districts were formed more than 30 years ago.  This is in keeping
with State of NJ statues.
This all works due to the extraordinary efforts of the residents of the two areas and the Kingston Fire
Company members who live in both areas.  South Brunswick's Board takes in lead in most areas for ease
of control and because 90% of the taxable revenue comes from the South Brunswick taxpayers, while
approximately 10% comes from the Franklin residents.
What is contained on this site?
:: South Brunswick Fire District #3 ::
How do I get more information?
Here you will find information on both Districts including the members of each
Board. You will be able to view the budgets of the Districts and the District
minutes along with other public information.

If you would like to be a Commissioner of the Board and live in District #3, please complete the a petition to
be entered to the February ballot.  Petition must be completed, notarised and handed to the current Board
Clerk by the January meeting.  Click
here for the petition form.
You can contact the webmaster at sbfiredistrict3@yahoo.com
Board of Fire Commissioners
PO Box 78, Kingston, NJ 08528
This website includes information
on Franking Fire District #4

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Feb 2019

Congratulations to Jodi Racanati
for being re-elected to the Board of
Fire Commissioners. The voters
have pass the 2019 budget.  For
more information on the budget,
click on the Public Records link.

The Board of District #3 is
anticipating we will need one new
commissioner in 2020.  If you live
in District #3 and would like to
make a difference in your town as
it relates to Fire Prevention, please
complete the a petition to be
placed in the February Ballot.  
Petition must be completed,
notarized and handed to the
current Board Clerk by the January
meeting.  Click
here for the petition
:: Recent News ::
The District receives a new Engine for the Kingston
Volunteer Fire Department.

Members of our New Engine Committee traveled to K.M.E. in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania to spec a new
KME engine.  The engine is currently being completed with the equipment that will assist our firefighters
with the preparedness they will need to help our communities and neighbors.

Delivery of the new engine occurred in February of 2019 and anticipate being in service by March.